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Katherine is infamous for calling prayer meetings to pray against those who do not fall into line. Lies, slander, outbursts of anger all come easy to this woman of ‘grace’ ….

Katherine Ruonala’s performance on stage is quite different to the woman behind the mask. This preacher of love, grace and heavenly encounters on stage becomes a hateful, bitter little girl who guards her coven with such venom that the closest of friends, once discarded, are declared disciples of Satan. How can that be, she seems so nice, she preaches Jesus. Ahhh but is the Jesus she preaches the Jesus of the bible or simply a corruption, a vain imagination, making god in her image.

As her assistant pastor, traveling internationally with Katherine I can share things that would make your hair curl, but I have no interest in tearing down the person of Katherine Ruonala, she is doing that all on her own, and might I say she is doing a fantastic job. My purpose is to shine a light on the counterfeit gospel she proclaims.

In the coming articles I will give you what I believe are biblical guidelines to answer this question for yourself, not just of Katherine Ruonala but of any person in ministry, and I will be giving some personal insight that only those of the inner circle of an international prophetic ministry have privileged access to. This article will show you to simple, biblical principles, to spot any false prophets and teachers of a counterfeit gospel.

It is in the public interest to look a little more closely at the lives of those who would say: “I have a word from God for you; let me teach you new revelation” Are these christian leaders, or are they wolves in sheep’s clothing; pedlars selling you the latest snake oil.

Let me start by saying that signs and wonders are not the measure of ministry. Jesus said, “For false Christ’s and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect. “ Matthew 24:24, Mark 13:22

The reported miracles reported through Katherine Ruonala’s and the Glory City Church remain unsubstantiated, but even if they were true, that would not show a Biblical evidence of authenticity.

Follow these links for further discussion ‘Can we discern false teachers?” and  “What is a false prophet” these two articles  will give you some excellent insight to false teachers and false prophets. You may also find this of interest Katherine Ruonala’s multimillion dollar home.