The Glory City Church have lost their mind!   No longer content with their home grown  foolishness, they are importing speakers who make a mockery of anyone who calls the Glory City Church their home Church.

This is insane. Glory City Church if you truly loved your people, more than their money. You would prayerfully consider each speaker. Insuring they hold God’s mandate and and God’s qualification for service. Better for the pulpit to stay empty than to fill it with one  rejected for ministry.

Reader, I challenge you to look at this article from our good friends at  Pirate Christian Radio’s Museum of Idolatry and as you watch the video  take a step back and ask yourself is this truly a church or Satan’s mockery of church.

Below is the article from Pirate Christian Radio

Winnie Banov preached at Glory City Church on July 7th, 2017 and it is patently clear from her behavior, words and white board scribbles that she is in serious need of psychiatric care. But rather than get the help she needs, she was invited to spew her insane ramblings during the sermon time.  Sadly, the people and leadership of Glory City didn’t see it for what it is (the ravings of a mentally ill woman) but received this non-lucid nonesense as a word from God. The video below tells the story.